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Joelle's Jottings

Joelle Duran

My Heartfelt Gratitude...

2021 has arrived, bringing me to fourteen years since the worst period of my life during the hell year of 2007. As ever, I must express my unending gratitude for those who blessed me in those black months--most of all by following along with my life on my LiveJournals and caring enough to leave a note. Also by remembering me in their prayers--so precious every one of them! And of course the blessings of a mailed note, email, or phone call. I am so grateful for those wonderful people, their kindness, their mercy and compassion, and also to those who displayed simple decency, of which there can never be too much in this world. Thank you, thank you! Were it not for you, my Geren novels would remain forever incomplete, my novellas would not exist, The Chronicles of Delarun and The Fourth Emissary would never be written, and the Triune novels would never have been started. I can never possibly thank you enough, but I don't plan to stop trying either! =)

What to say? I'm Christian, determined to be forever single, and I'm now 45 years old. I have a great love for God's creation, and I've loved fantasy and fantasy stories since I discovered The Lorax and The Hobbit as a kid. Now I'm working a decent job in the 'real world,' with no current pets, and a small horde of houseplants sharing my home.

My passion in life revolves around a set of five books comprising a huge fantasy story, with which I'm currently trying to figure out what comes next, while slowly editing my dozens of side stories and four novellas, since I learned so much from my amazing freelance editor. As for writing itself...I hate it. The only reason I can make myself write is because my love for the characters in my stories (primarily the Defender of Life, aka t'DoL) is strong enough to overwhelm that dislike. If my love for him ever dies, then I shall write no more...but I'm not worried about that happening!

February of 2018 brought me to the twenty-fifth anniversary of when I first started drawing a man with wings bright-hued like a parrot's and wondered who he was... Now I'm more insane about him, and all his world, than ever. It has been quite a momentous 'chase,' and I look forward to where my keyboard will take me.

Hyarmi emoticons used here made by myself.