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29 Days of Writing: Day 21 - Joelle's misc
January 30th, 2011
09:00 am
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29 Days of Writing: Day 21

21. Do any of your characters have children? How well do you write them?

Not many. Plenty of characters I write about are on the young side for that: Tarlin in 'Delarun' section 3, Hu-Hov and Hileko in the hyarmi stories and related pieces, the reckless cub 'Horanu,' Saenna in 'Sheltering Wings,' Tamaresh in 'On the Twilit Wind,' Salih in The Great Wave, and Tarlah whom I'm writing about right now. Other characters had children and lost them prior to the story they appear in: Geren and Jajey spring to mind. I have some characters whose children are already grown: Hu-Halle in Hope's Passage and 'A Song in the Twilight,' Alrek in the latter part of 'Delarun' section 1, mage Wrane as well, Saenna and Evael in the Geren novels. Some characters have children too young to really show up as characters in their own right: in 'Tale of the Apple-Grower,' and 'The Trial of Tilnon.'

Can't say I write them well, but there are a very few stories that depict a family with children: 'Wildfire' is the foremost, as that story shifts between the pov of the mother and her imperiled eldest son. Another is 'One Shining Day,' which gives a snippet of life among t'DoL's family in his fledgling years (excluding his elder sister).

I will certainly be getting practise on this in the future, as hyarmi historian Hilome, his mate Hu-Havirr, and their two little ones will have a significant role to play in the 'Triune' novels. Then folks will know whether I can write such a family 'well' or not!

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