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29 Days of Writing: Day 19 - Joelle's misc
January 28th, 2011
10:00 am
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29 Days of Writing: Day 19

19. Favorite minor who decided to shove him/herself into the spotlight and why?

That would have to be Hened, since he's one of my very favorite hyarmi characters, right up there with Hileko and Hu-Harek. He first showed up on paper back in 1999 in the short story 'Hu-Hov's Debut,' though he'd certainly been in my head a year or two before that. Between my writing about him in the hyarmi stories and book 1 between 1999-2001, I got quite fond of him, but didn't expect him to have much 'screen time' in the Geren books. I certainly got that wrong! He certainly ended up getting to do more in book 2 and book 4 than I'd anticipated...and he has a small but pivotal role to play in the Geren sequels as well, which I keenly anticipate writing some decade, God willing.

As to why...er, because I like him lots? Well, his position makes him one of the most influential in the hyarmi nation, and his knowledge, experience, wisdom makes him a singularly valuable character as well. So staying offstage simply doesn't make sense given his intelligence and understanding of the situation. (And yes, he's the main pov character in six of my short stories, now...)

Another minor who elbowed his way into the story and, unlike Hened, I neither saw coming nor tried to make room for him, is Wrane's great-grandson Tarek. I'm feeling a little guilty over what's coming to him in the next book 5 chapters I need to write, poor guy...

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