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A belated FYI, finally! - Joelle's misc
February 19th, 2018
01:22 pm
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A belated FYI, finally!
Running later than late this year--didn't manage to finish in January. But I finally finished. This is an FYI that the revised version of my third Geren novel is now available for anyone who read the older version and might like to read it again. I've also made some very minor tweaks and cosmetic changes to the first two Geren novels.

Available formats
- pdf
- epub (for Nook, Kobo, Onyx Boox, etc)
- mobi (for Amazon Kindle)

Please let me know if you want paper copies, and they will get a higher priority on my ever-lengthening purchases list!

And now for Geren book 4...and that will NOT get finished in a year unless I really do find a time-turner!

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