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7 Days Out - Silliness - Joelle's misc
February 10th, 2018
01:37 pm
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7 Days Out - Silliness
Only one week left to my 25th anniversary of first 'meeting' t'DoL! I've got a lot in progress, but I decided the best way to kick off the celebration postings was with a little fun.

Back in the latter part of awful 2007, my department was moved across the street to the newer building my employer had built some years prior. And with that came a change in the elevator situation. The older building had one bay of elevators, named 1 - 8. Nothing particularly interesting or exciting, except the chance of getting (I think it was) elevator 5, which had access to both the dock and the mysterious windowless fourth floor that only certain people could access. Fun if the elevator should stop there and permit a peek.

But our new location had a different elevator layout. Two bays. The first contained elevators A - F, while the second contained G - K. When a person punches in the number of the floor they're heading to, they get assigned an elevator. Now this presented the opportunity for my overactive imagination to come up with associations and games. Since my favorite things in existence are characters in stories or movies, that is what I associated with the elevator names (as opposed to flowers, birds, animals, etc). A was fantastic, because that stood for Arun and Allanon. B not so exciting, all I think of is Beren. C is for Copper, of course. I seem to get C a disproportionate amount of the time and I think Copper would find that amusing. For D I originally thought of my last name or of Daresh. E is another not-very-exiting one, since I just have remote connections with Edennil, Edrahil, and Eden (all right, so that last one is not a character). F is a definite favorite: Finrod, Fynydov, AND Fulmar!

For the second bay, G was my favorite, probably of all them, since I so rarely get it. G is for Geren and Gandalf, of course! H is for hyarmi in general and my favorites in particular: Hu-Harek, Hened, Hileko, and so forth. Elevator I makes me think of Imro. For some reason I is a slow elevator that nobody wants to get. J I associate with Jajey, but of course Jesus comes to mind as well.

And then there is K.

This is why I am ridiculous. K makes me think of Kaliah. I really do NOT like the letter K. I do not like to get the K elevator; it makes my skin crawl a little and I wonder if I am jinxed but also know that should be ridiculous. (At least I don't refuse to ride it; then I really would be ridiculous.)

But because of what feels excessive amounts of time getting hit with elevator K, I took to avoiding the second bay entirely. It has only 5 elevators as opposed to 6, so grounds to expect a shorter wait in the bay with 6. That was my rationalization, anyway!

The elevator game started and proceeded for some years. And then it got turned on its head. I wish I knew what year it was, but at some point (probably because there is no elevator V and I was sulking about it) I associated elevator D with Defender instead of just Daresh.

So now instead of elevator G being my favorite of the lot, it became elevator D, by a long shot. If I get it, I often happy-bounce either inside or physically (depending on if anyone is watching) and if I have it to myself, I pet the elevator name plate when I'm in it. Getting 'D' makes me ridiculously delighted.

The game changed slightly two or so years ago, when they decided to organize elevators by floors. Now my floor has to take the first bay going up or leaving for the day, and I am not at all unhappy to have further reason to escape the K elevator, even though it means I almost never get a chance to score a G. Only when I'm going to a meeting within the building and I'm walking with others or have to go to the floors that only have the second bay do I risk getting K, or G.

Oddly enough, hitting the D elevator has gotten so charged for me that it has become a form of communication between me and God. Because I thank Him for getting it, and it jerks my mind out of any job-focused or unhelpful rut. Some of those D elevators have come at providential moments, when I really needed to be reminded God sees me. Sometimes I can even feel them coming. If I get more than one in a day, two in a row, even three in a row, wow does that lay a bright shado on everything!

And there you have it! More proof I need to be committed, in case anyone was collecting and didn't already have quite enough! ;P

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