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Delayed December and Jouncing January - Joelle's misc
February 1st, 2018
06:08 am
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Delayed December and Jouncing January
December was a grueling month on the job, especially in the beginning, and a month for frustrating delays in other areas. I was glad to get the 2018 single page calendar completed in decent time despite some additional hurdles. I kept working at pass 7 in the third Geren book, but got stalled waiting to hear back from my editor. Started on what was supposed to be a 'quick' art project that ended up taking over a month due to how difficult it was for my pc, but at least the art project following stuck to schedule better.

January got off to a very interesting start due to being called up for Jury Duty starting on the 2nd. Thanks to God's grace, I narrowly missed being put on a weeks-long criminal trial, and ended up spending only one day away from work, which was a real blessing with how crazy busy it has been there. Since book 3 was stalled, in January I moved ahead with a quick review of the first two Geren books, to take up some of the changes and details I've learned from my wonderful editor. Started on initial prep-work for my 25th anniversary celebrations, and finally got the awaited reply from my editor toward the end of the month. So I'm free at last to get Geren books 1-3 all wrapped up once I make some final decisions and tweaks.

December-January were the months in which my body decided to emulate my father and quit digesting lactose entirely. That has not been fun. They have also brought an amazing and long-lived cold snap (with fantastic frost) and a snowstorm on January 22nd so heavy and magnificent it actually paralyzed a chunk of Minnesota--that takes some doing! And now the state has rolled out a nippy and somewhat snowy welcome for the Super Bowl visitors, hah!

Dec 5 - Finished "With Sound Effects!" 2018 calendar project
Dec 11 - Fourth platelet donation of 2017

Jan 12 - Finished "Midwinter Mercy"
Jan 26 - Finished "Sea of Leaves" (Shado-blanket project)

Pass 1 Highlight/comment potential edits & revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 2 Major edits and revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 3 Items missed in Pass 2, edit revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 4 Highlight/address bad habits and trouble spots COMPLETE!
Pass 5 Verbal read-through COMPLETE!
Pass 6 Thorough review with different font and page layout COMPLETE!
Pass 7 Final sweeps In Progress, 97% complete

As for February, I am very much looking forward to February! It brings me to 25 years since I first 'met' t'DoL as a senior in high school. I am going to celebrate getting to enjoy a quarter century of such a blessing! I've got seven days off work coming up, which turns into eleven when I add the weekends. Since I couldn't save up the $2,500 a 25th anniversary merits, I had to settle for a spendthrift enjoyment of time instead, which is equally precious. I've got plenty planned, even if a chunk of it is just clean-up work related to my writing that I can't find the time for in normal circumstances. And just maybe I can get the ball rolling on the rewrite for book 4, too!

February also brings taxes and finding out if I get a yearly bonus from my employer, so hopefully by month's end I can be full-tilt into working on buying Quartus, my replacement for my elderly and longsuffering desktop Tertius. As always, time will tell!


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