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Pending October - Joelle's misc
November 3rd, 2017
08:38 pm
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Pending October
Thank God, October was not nearly so bad on the hurricane front, or overall--in many ways it felt like stasis and waiting. With the local weather, I feel it brought one of the shorter autumns I've seen in my area. Color got started very late, and then abruptly ripped to shreds by the rain, wind, and finally loads of snow that came near the end of the month. It would have been nice to have more than one Saturday all month with decent weather, but oh well.

I'm grateful the cooler weather helped me recuperate from summer, and I've managed to make more progress with the ghastly story I'm writing. Finish line before year's end? I truly hope so! Very pleased with progress on the art front, since I now have another wallpaper to enjoy and a good start on my 2018 calendar image. As my editor spent the month working through the third Geren novel, October proved a fantastic time to enjoy reading too. Triune remains in limbo and I passed my second month of being carless.

Oct 22 - Finished 'Face-off,' Geren book 3 eBook cover image
Oct 24 - Finished 'Face-off' alternate wallpaper version

The prospect of November always cheers me, since it brings Thanksgiving, t'DoL's birthday, and cool weather. My wonderful editor just finished with Geren book 3 review, so November will certainly be busy, juggling pass 7 work, writing, and the art project. Getting by without a car in increasingly cold weather will be interesting, as I won't want to bike unless it's warm enough. I got a cart for hauling groceries and I'm shopping for boots with better traction, as my annual competition with Winter to get through without falling will be a bigger challenge when I have to walk more.


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