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Savage September - Joelle's misc
October 1st, 2017
09:20 am
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Savage September
So maybe I'm not curious anymore. What a ghastly month September turned out to be. And I'm not referring to the fact that September was more like August for temperature while August was like September. Or the new challenge of my first month living without a car. That was just a challenge. The heat didn't help my attempts to recuperate from seasonal depression at all, but what made the month ghastly was the hurricanes. I thought it was dreadful enough to feel the scourge of Irma bearing down on Florida and aimed to show up at my editor's city right when she was supposed to start editing my third Geren book. That felt like a bolt from hell aimed right at my heart. Thank God, my aunts, cousins, and editor escaped with minimal to no damage and just a few days without power (but so many others suffered worse).

If anyone ever reads these posts who is not related to me: I am Puerto Rican (or mostly, with a little dash of Cuban). So then came Maria, as if Harvey and Irma weren't dreadful enough. That made September go from feeling like a bad dream to feeling like a nightmare that can't be awoken from. My grandparents are no longer living, but I still have cousins and a great deal of extended family in Puerto Rico, and it is a horror to contemplate how their lives and so many others have been upended, and how many months it is likely to last.

So, not much to show for September except a lot of grief and dread and prayers.

Sept 13 - Second blood donation of 2017
Sept 30 - Finished 'Autumn Play' (art therapy)

As for October, well, I really hope there won't be any more destructive hurricanes. (I fear otherwise.) Hopefully I can recuperate enough to keep struggling ahead with the story I'm stuck in, and I certainly have more than enough to work at for art projects. I'll be missing out on the height of fall without a car, but just have to make do with what's in range. Since my editor is working on my third Geren book, I can continue enjoying my extended editing break with more reading time on the bus rides. Not much else to say at this point--only hope that affairs stop going from bad to worse eventually!


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