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Waiting June - Joelle's misc
July 2nd, 2017
08:26 am
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Waiting June
Limbo month, in many ways. But thankfully not devoid of bright spots. As seen in the list below, I did finally get that interminable, life-devouring, ulcer-inducing, computer-torturing art project finished, if too late to get it printed out for my birthday. And now I'm glad that I did! The whole picture doesn't look good as computer wallpaper, but three pieces with the three characters do, and I have been immensely enjoying them in the past few weeks. (Albeit petting my monitor screens a little too much as a result!)

My other blessing is that Geren book 3 rewrites are the one part of my life not stuck in limbo and still proceeding. Got pass 4 wrapped up and launched into pass 5. Since that can only be done at home, rather than bus rides/lunch breaks, it pretty much wipes out any opportunity for much progress with any other major projects until it is done. But I am still ahead of schedule, and very glad for it.

The future of Triune is still in limbo and my other big prayer requests are largely unanswered, except for knowing which story is my next project. The darkest one on my list, of course! Quite fitting.

June 14 - Finished 'Laughter' (Parent's Woe illustration) at last!
June 22 - First platelet donation of 2017 (finally!)

Pass 1 Highlight/comment potential edits & revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 2 Major edits and revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 3 Items missed in Pass 2, edit revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 4 Highlight/address bad habits and trouble spots COMPLETE!
Pass 5 Verbal read-through In Progress, 28% complete
Pass 6 Thorough review with different font and page layout not yet started
Pass 7 Final sweeps not yet started

As for July, I'm not sure. Keep pressing ahead with book 3 work, and maybe get the ball rolling on the next art project, or story, or both. Maybe. Thanks to the latter part of June bring the blessing of some below-average days, my seasonal depression defenses haven't been thoroughly tested yet. July brings the horrible height of summer, so my level of functionality will be directly correlated to my ability to manage semi-decent sleep.

Hopefully some sort of breakthrough will come soon, but I have to be prepared for July to also be lost in horrid limbo. Time will tell...


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Date:July 3rd, 2017 12:47 am (UTC)
Here hoping that July turns out better than you expect.
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Date:July 3rd, 2017 08:02 am (UTC)
That would be nice! But I'm glad I have lots to look forward to in August.
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