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All-over-the-place April - Joelle's misc
May 1st, 2017
06:23 pm
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All-over-the-place April
What a month. Very glad for continuing progress with Mary, and blessed that I got to spend Easter with them at their own home. That was quite a blessing after all they've been through lately. Beyond that, April has been for me a month of stark gains and losses. First off being the dreaded new Russian TOS for LiveJournal, which brought me to the end of an era and has felt like a bereavement at times, to be mourned as such. I took down my Renewer_Rising LJ first, and then Hyarmi_Records at the end of the month, and that place had been around since 2004.

It's rough, since my writing LJs were the primary place where my heart--the "real me" of my stories and illustrations--got to be seen, even if it was by only 1.25 people at times. I resent how much of my life gets eaten by the Peter Parker/Clark Kent/workaday "fake me", and this won't help. On the gain side, I made good progress with book 3 rewrites, finished pass 2 and launched into pass 3, and I'm pleased with how that's coming along. I also succeeded in getting the second Triune novel out of the starting gate at last, and got the outline thoroughly knocked into shape. (Up to double digits with novels!)

Then came another big setback later in April that might have huge ramifications for the next few years of my life...but on the positive side, my weight stayed decent, I got out a few times so far to enjoy the spring, was blessed by some great reads, and my art projects are slowly but decently moving forward.

Apr 2 - Finished 'Cold Hillside' alternate views
Apr 16 - Finished TSoS trailer-avatar
Apr 18, Red-letter day - Started writing The Desolation of Triune!

Pass 1 Highlight/comment potential edits & revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 2 Major edits and revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 3 Items missed in Pass 2, edit revisions In Progress, 34% complete
Pass 4 Highlight/address bad habits and trouble spots not yet started
Pass 5 Verbal read-through not yet started
Pass 6 Thorough review with different font and page layout not yet started
Pass 7 Final sweeps not yet started

As for May, I hope to keep pushing ahead with third Geren book editing and second Triune book writing, along with my current art project. Also want to get out a few more times before my newly-tailored survive-the-summer-strategy for my new home gets fully implemented and the annual battle with seasonal depression begins. Spring is always far too short.


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