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Announcement - Joelle's misc
April 17th, 2017
08:16 am
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Due to my discomfort with the new Russian TOS for Livejournal, I am closing down my three writing accounts that I had up on LiveJournal.

-Renewer Rising is already closed, since nothing but the accumulation of dust was going on over there anyway! If anyone wants the essay about what was going on behind the scenes with the Shado and Hu-Hov in Geren book 4, just let me know. It will be a very long time, if ever, before those details make an appearance in the Renewer Rising books anyway.

-Hyarmi Records/Relentless Pursuit will be closing by the end of April. My anniversary essays will likely get moved to this journal. My Stories Descriptions page will stay up, and that will become the place to visit if someone wants to read/reread a story and needs to figure out the title. (What's Cooking and Obstinate Pests will also stay up.)

-Avarii Wings will be leaving LiveJournal at some undetermined point later this year. Since that's where most of my activity will be this year, don't want to shut it down just yet.

-Shouts of Joy and Shout of Joy will be staying up. Not particularly worried about exceeding the 3,000 visitors per day threshold at this point, hah!

Those who are curious for more details on this change can read the "Russian jurisdiction" portion of the LiveJournal entry on Wikipedia.

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