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Upended November - Joelle's misc
December 1st, 2015
12:58 pm
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Upended November
Wow, what a month. All over the place and with so much happening it feels almost like three months. Promptly on November 2nd I got the manuscript of the first Geren novel back from my editor, and trying to find time to review and process all that great work along with keeping up the progress with Triune AND getting ready for my vacation (at home and work) kept things very busy. Then I was off to see family over the holidays. The first week was great--staying at my parents, enjoying the lovely fall colors, a trip to Apple Hill (I really like it up there), and Thanksgiving over at my brother and sister-in-law's place.

The day after Thanksgiving was when things really turned upside down, because my wonderful catsitter observed Shado acting a little strange, and paid him an extra visit that evening to find him collapsed. The long-dreaded congestive heart failure had finally arrived, with such awful timing. Thanks to some really good treatment at the emergency vet clinic, he survived the night and rebounded, and was able to be taken off oxygen. But he needs frequent medication and monitoring, which led to my cutting my vacation short and heading home early.

Nov 1 - Made Felin image for Triune characters page
Nov 3 - Finished chapter 7 of 'DWoT'
Nov 7 - Fifth apheresis donation of 2015
Nov 8 - Finished chapter 8 of 'DWoT'
Nov 15 - Finished chapter 9 of 'DWoT'
Nov 19 - Off to California!

And now it's December. I don't know if I will have days, weeks, or months left with Shado, though I fear it will be on the shorter side. My other priorities will be divided between finishing up the first Geren book manuscript, finishing an art project, and hopefully getting back into the first Triune novel.

Thankfully little money is required to celebrate Christmas, because I have none left. It's going to be a quiet one this year, that's for certain!

Current Music: O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus by Selah

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