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Simmering September - Joelle's misc
October 1st, 2015
06:07 am
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Simmering September
September for me was a toasty and busy month. It was the fourth warmest September for my area, which meant I didn't get near as much good cool sleep in the later part of the month as I'd hoped. But at least it cooled a little for my second visit to the State Fair, and the weather was lovely for my time at the Renaissance Festival as well.

Thanks to no work on my first Geren book this month, I actually have an accomplishments list, hurrah! The latter part of the month was focused on cleaning (my carpets were abysmal due to cat stains) and getting ready for the visit of my brother, sister-in-law and their 8 kids. I really fell off the wagon with exercising in the latter half of the month, though dragging that Rug Doctor up and down lots of stairs should count for something.

Sept 5 - Made Portal Page image for 'The Reformation of Tarreg'
Sept 6 - Finished writing 'Renegade'
Sept 9 - Second whole blood donation of 2015
Sept 14, Red-letter day - Started writing Dark Wings over Triune!
Sept 14 - Finished DWoT trailer-avatar
Sept 26-30 - Fun with the nieces and nephews
Sept 30 - Finished 'Autumn Walk' wallpaper and sidebar images

As for October, my brother and his family are heading out the morning of the first, so for me it's back to my job and back to my real work as well--I'll be balancing my energy between progress with the first Triune book, working with a freelance editor on my first Geren book, and whaling away at art projects as time permits. I need to get back at it with exercise too, and hopefully some of it outside, weather permitting. So glad autumn has finally come!


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