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Aggravated April - Joelle's misc
May 1st, 2015
05:45 am
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Aggravated April
Yet another month with a non-existent accomplishments list. A very frustrating month too, as the title says. The fact that it took me around 3 months working like crazy just to get through pass 2 for Geren book 1 revisions was a huge disappointment, because I therefore have to delay my planned start for the first Triune novel by a few months. Overly stressed about the whole affair, because I'm tired of everything taking longer than planned, and also because of the ever heavier feeling of time running out. I want to see how much of my life's work I can get done by my Jubilee year, though often even making it that far feels blindly optimistic considering how things are headed in this country and the world at large. Regardless, the sense of dwindling time has led to a lot of stress, along with increased frustration/resentment over how much of my life gets wasted on my stupid-meaningless-paid-job...which I do really need for rent, food, and giving, sigh.

At least pass 3 is moving a lot faster than pass 2! Also pleased that I made a start on writing some ballad lyrics that have been on my Obstinate Pests list for a year.

I did make some progress with my craft project--painting is almost done and waxing is up next. Got out for some nice spring outings, and had a great time at a pair of art festivals (and saw a play, and rode in a limo bus, and kept my weight down at a very nice level thanks to more time spent exercising).

Pass 1 Highlight/comment potential edits & revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 2 Major edits and revisions COMPLETE!
Pass 3 Items missed in Pass 2, edit revisions In Progress, 56% done
Pass 4 Highlight/address bad habits and trouble spots not yet started
Pass 5 Verbal read-through not yet started
Pass 6 Thorough review with different font and page layout not yet started
Pass 7 Final sweep not yet started

I'm probably starting to go a little crazy because I haven't gotten to work on any art projects at all this year, between issues with the software and my focus being on revisions. That's going to need to change soon before I have to rent me a padded room.

As for May, my focus will be divided between passes 3-4 and gardening, at least initially. I want to wrap up the craft project so I can start the next, hope to get out and enjoy the spring before it's too hot for me, and probably squeeze in some art somewhere along the way for sanity's sake. Don't know if writing will happen at this rate, with so much else to attend to...


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