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Jumpy January - Joelle's misc
February 1st, 2015
07:17 am
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Jumpy January
It was an interesting start to 2015, that's for sure. Temperatures began very cold, and ended up in the 40s with a crazy January thaw. I had a hard time adjusting from the warmth and sunlight of Florida, and being outside a bit most days there, to the bitter cold of home and only being out at twilight or night, the horrid city and cubicle of my job...so I had a couple weeks struggling with depression at the beginning of the month, which has thankfully gotten better since. (I didn't fully realize how bad it was until I took my yearly Health Assessment to get the free lunch coupon, and it got on me about depression.)

The other challenge (aside from losing Florida weight!) was a massive amount of intimidation as I started in on the revision pass through my first Geren book. (My second of seven passes and the most difficult one.) I've never felt it so bad for something not job or school-related: working through the layers of viewing the book as a newcomer, as somebody who's read Hope's Passage, as someone who's read the (as yet unwritten) Triune books first with an entirely different perspective than a newcomer--all that feels nearly overwhelming, and hits me quite frequently. I'm still too daunted to take on the new prologue very well, so I'll be struggling with that over the next few months, no doubt.

So while my list appears short, there was a lot going on in January!

Jan 10 - Started writing 'Unpaid Leave'
Jan 14 - First whole blood donation of 2015
Jan 24 - Finished writing 'Unpaid Leave'

As for February, because the Geren book revisions are taking so much effort, I'm deferring writing the final Triune prework story until March, because I need the extra time. I do plan to start working on a timeline for the first Triune novel, and hopefully I can get a craft project or two underway as well. Oh yes, can't forget taxes, once my charitable contribution receipts show up!


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