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Dashing December - Joelle's misc
January 1st, 2015
07:39 pm
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Dashing December
Quite a month! The first part was spent getting ready for my Florida trip, and most of it was spent in Florida, on a fabulous vacation with family that I've already posted about. While November was crazy cold and white in Minnesota, I missed out on the insanity of three 50-degree days in December, and a brown Christmas which I'm glad I wasn't around for.

Dec 11 - Finished 'Dawn-Lover' 2015 calendar project
Dec 11-27 - Florida trip
Dec 31 - Finished 'Speed' avatar

As for January, gotta negotiate with the 'muse' to see which writing project I start in on first (got two Triune backstory pieces and one novella I'd like to work on), and also keep plugging away at editing and revision work. The Changer-Saenna story 'Embers Fade to Ash' should be ready to post soon, and hopefully I can get back into more prep-work for the Triune novels soon.


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