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Nippy November - Joelle's misc
December 1st, 2014
12:16 pm
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Nippy November
November was a crazy month that felt like December--coldest one in my area since 1991 and 1985. Sure felt like it! Autumn wrapped up early, and we had 12 days in a row below freezing--the earliest such streak on record. Did not feel like I got much done, but part was due to not letting myself start any more writing projects until after my Florida trip, part to having to work longer hours at work some days, and part from the amount of time spent on 'Embers Fade' and my current art project.

Nov 1 - Made Ginren image for Triune characters page
Nov 2 - Finished Portal Page illustration for 'Happy Birthday, Defender!'
Nov 16 - Finished writing 'Embers Fade to Ash'
Nov 29 - Fifth apheresis donation of 2014

As for December...half of it will be down in Florida with my wonderful mom and her wonderful family. It's going to be fun (though it won't feel like Christmas without snow and cold). I certainly won't be getting much done--right now is trying to finish the art project and getting ready for the trip (and coping with the crazy number of projects getting dumped on me at work). But I do hope to make some progress with editing 'Embers Fade' and Geren book 1 as air travel and lulls permit...


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