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Eye-candy October - Joelle's misc
November 5th, 2014
07:55 pm
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Eye-candy October
October was all over the place. Visually, it was stunning--I got treated to one of the most wonderful lunar eclipses I've ever enjoyed, followed two weeks later by a partial solar eclipse, probably only the third or fourth in my life. And as I've already posted, the autumn color was amazing. The photos I took this fall I hope to enjoy as pc wallpapers for many years to come.

But the art side was a complete wash--28 days trying to render a fall wallpaper, only to have the poor overworked computer glitch at the end of the month, at the 82% complete mark, and leave nothing to show for it, joy. At least writing was better--I finished one short story and got started on the last I hope to write for the autumn. The job...that got uglier as the month went along, in no small part due to Greg leaving the company. I've worked with him for the past ten years and I'll really miss him...but at least I don't have to worry about slipping up and accidentally calling him 'Geren' anymore!

Oct 13 - Fourth apheresis donation of 2014
Oct 21 - Finished writing 'Happy Birthday, Defender!'
Oct 25 - Made 'Black squirrel' avatar
Oct 27 - Started writing 'Embers Fade to Ash'

As for November, I'm going to have to scramble to make up for the lost month with art projects, and I'm probably going to have to work longer hours at my job due to the crazy amount of stuff that has to be done by the 25th. But at least it brings two of my favorite days of the year: t'DoL's birthday and Thanksgiving, yay!


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