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Simmering September - Joelle's misc
October 1st, 2014
06:03 am
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Simmering September
After a sharp cool streak and early frost in a few areas, things got warm again, August-warm of late, hence the title. What was also 'simmering' was my progress on small to medium art projects and with writing short stories. Quite pleased with the month overall.

Sept 7 - Made Hullek, Autumn-Glint, and Jered images for Triune characters page
Sept 8 - Made Ovlin image for Triune characters page
Sept 11 - Third whole blood donation of 2014
Sept 12 - Finished Tarish avatar
Sept 14 - Finished writing 'Alliance'
Sept 21 - Finished Portal Page illustration for 'Alliance'
Sept 24 - Finished illustration for 'Alliance'
Sept 29 - Started writing 'Happy Birthday, Defender!'

As for October, hopefully more of the same, along with cooler nights and better sleep! Things are finally dying down with art fairs on the weekends, which means I can hopefully get out a few times to enjoy the autumn color. Got more stories to work away at, more editing to do, a couple craft projects and no end of art projects on my bottomless list...


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