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Amazing August - Joelle's misc
September 1st, 2014
08:27 am
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Amazing August
What a blessing to have a good month, especially after the last two! August second is a day that will live in my memory for a long time, thanks to God's very great kindness, and I'm also grateful for every item on my list below, despite all the time spent at various art shows and the Minnesota State Fair. I'm very pleased with the amount of Triune prep-work I'm getting done, even if my list still seems to be growing faster than I can knock things off it.

Aug 10 - Finished 'Mountain-Frost' avatar
Aug 16 - Made 'Hilome' avatar
Aug 18 - Finished 'Two Aviir and an Impostor' comic art
Aug 23 - Made 'Night-Wind' avatar
Aug 31 - Finished 'Avarii Wings' wallpaper and sidebar remake
Aug 31 - Started writing 'Alliance'

For September--and the rest of autumn for that matter, I hope to plug away at some autumn-themed stories, and keep working on art projects as well. The work on the Geren novels will probably be slow and more behind the scenes, but won't get dropped. My job is starting to heat up again, but what a blessing to have it be pretty quiet for so long! There's more art shows, and the Renaissance Festival, that I am looking forward to getting out to, but things will start slowing down with the outings as well. And hopefully it will soon be both cool enough (and dry enough) that I can get out for exercise, fling open the windows, and sleep on my own futon again. Come, autumn!


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