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Aldamar Hodgepodge - Joelle's misc
August 14th, 2014
08:04 pm
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Aldamar Hodgepodge
This is a post of photos (and one video) for my mom, and anyone else who might be curious. All of things inside my home or on my deck.

First off, garden part two:

Thanks to going from nonstop rain to a couple weeks of nearly perfect drought, my lantana got all sorts of happy.

A few of my morning glories got happy too, and started blooming at the end of July (some years this doesn't happen until September). This lovely pale blue would make a great compliment to the usual royal blue morning glories...if they would only bloom on the same day!

Since they start blooming after I leave for work, and wilt before I get home, this opening-in-progress is as much as I get to see, most days. It was neat to have 6 at once!

I love the contrast of blue delphiniums and white petunias.

A broader shot in August, after the bachelors buttons have pretty much fizzled out.

Moving inside my home, this next shot shows the lovely crystalline glaze vase I got at the Uptown Air Fair, along with my two crystallince glaze plates from two separate Virginia trips. The plate stand I got cheap, all beat up and stained, and repainted it a couple months back. It makes me grin because the new vase looks like a nose with the plates a pair of mismatched eyes.

Repainting the plate rack was my trial run with Reclaim paint before I tackled repainting my microwave cart. The chunk of pale marble my salt & pepper shakers are on I got in June at the Eagan art festival.

My other score at the Eagan art festival is a pair of glass coasters I could not pass up, because they so reminded me of t'DoL's wings. It was hard to get a photo of them, but they shade from deep teal, through sapphire, to rich deep amethyst, in good light.

And here's the sculpture I found at the Uptown Air Fair which made my month. Sean Corner Sculptures of Wichita, Kansas made this. Each sculpture by hand from clay…there were two similar angel ones there, and while the other one’s hair was a little more t’DoL-like, this one had the more natural-feeling pose. I love that the feet are covered so that I can imagine avarii feet. And that the overall shape is a heart. The raw sort of feel, like a hyarmi shaped it somewhere. I could go on, maybe forever!

Another view, on top of the marble lazy Susan I got for only $5

Lastly, I got a photo of Shado having fun on the stairs.

And then I was fortunate enough to get a short video of him doing a little "body-surfing" that he does when he's happy/excited. And yes, he does bonk his head on the banister toward the end there. He's been slamming his head against things when he's happy his whole life, and I've only just gotten mostly used to it. My wonderful cat-sitter was a bit appalled when he started doing it for her too.

And that's quite enough picture-spam for now!

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Date:August 15th, 2014 12:48 am (UTC)


Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. Your flowers are doing great.
The vase is really nice. And I love the sculpture.
The microwave cart sure came out looking so nice.

What a fun video of Shado!
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Date:August 15th, 2014 01:26 pm (UTC)

Re: photos

Glad you enjoyed them! I'm pleased my garden is much better this year thanks to learning a lot from last year.

Thanks! I'm enjoying how much better the cart looks and the microwave looks great in it.

I was happy to get it, he was in a good mood after I got home from church, and did a body-surf down 5 steps which made me decide to grab the camera.
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