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Jarring July - Joelle's misc
August 1st, 2014
12:22 pm
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Jarring July
Quite a month. It started off with my former coworker Shelley's funeral on July 3rd, and proceeded with news of my sister-in-law's mom being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, followed by my aunt getting rushed to the hospital with bleeding in her brain. I really hope that August is quieter.

Yet despite the pathetic list below, the month was wonderfully productive as well, in no small part because it was a remarkably cool July. I made a lot of progress on my plans, notes, highlighting for my Geren books revisions, I made a huge amount of progress with the plot and structure of the Triune novels, and got an art project going at last.

July 6 - Third apheresis donation of 2014
July 19 - Posted my first Triune story at Avarii Wings!

As for August, hopefully more of the same with my projects. The art project will take higher priority, but I do hope to get into the first round of revisions with the first Geren book, and hopefully some more digging into backstory or creating reference items for the Triune books as well. It's going to be a busy month with the State Fair and a bunch of art shows coming up, but I've got some days off planned to compensate. As always, time will tell!


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