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49 - Joelle's misc
June 18th, 2014
08:04 pm
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Back in 2008, one of the books I read was Maps in a Mirror, a collection of 46 short stories written by the very talented and versatile Orson Scott Card. The fun of a romp through so many short stories by one author gave me the urge to set a similar goal for myself.

(As an aside, most of his stories are 'true' short stories as mine are not, because they're written to stand alone, while most of mine assume a knowledge of my story-world gained by reading at least one of my novels. I will never be a master of the 'true' short story form, that's for certain.)

Reading that book was what caused me to set a goal of getting 49 short stories (or novellas) linked at my Portal Page. I chose 49 because of the avarii, as it is seven squared. Lovely number, even if it isn't a prime.

Six years have passed since, and progress has been quite slow at times, but with the addition of 'You Find What You Look For', June of 2014 finally saw me reach my goal.

It feels great! Though having so many stories linked on my Portal Page is starting to make the whole affair feel distinctly messy. Though some of my focus will be on Triune-related stories in the future, and they'll be posted at the Triune site instead of the Portal Page, there will be more coming there, God willing. So if anyone has a great idea as to how I can better organize, I'd love to hear it!

All that said, 2008 was also the year in which I read a collection of 104 short stories by Arthur C Clarke, but I fear it will be a very long time, if ever, before I reach THAT number...

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