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Mad May - Joelle's misc
June 1st, 2014
07:05 am
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Mad May
Crazy, busy month, except on the work front, which mostly oscillated between slow and freaked-out meltdown panic, with no 'medium' setting. Another very late spring, but at least one came. Kept myself busy between flower shopping, planting, and getting out to enjoy the lovely season, as well as working on some short stories and getting a pair of maps done for the Triune project. Then at the end, off to visit my family for a couple weeks, hurrah!

May 3 - Finished writing 'You Find What You Look For'
May 7 - Second whole blood donation of 2014
May 11 - Started writing 'Fritillary'
May 23 - Finished Eskaldaen Regional Map
May 26 - Finished Eskaldaen Local Map
May 28 - Off to California!

As for June, that brings me a lovely pay raise, and the first part of the month will be spend having fun with my family. I kicked off my chief project of the summer on the plane heading west by starting a review of my first Geren book, as it needs more edits and revision than the other four, but is also the foundation for everything else. Once I get back home, I have some craft and art projects to work away at as well, but the book edits will be top priority. Thank God for the central air at my 'new' place! It sure makes summers a lot less scary/grueling.


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