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Erratic April - Joelle's misc
May 1st, 2014
05:54 am
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Erratic April
A strange and bumpy month overall. Work went from heavy to quite slow (which I'm trying to savor), the weather oscillated between spring and winter, and there were lows and highs as well from people or businesses passing away on the one hand, to others walking back into my life. But I'm pretty pleased with all that I got done this month, in terms of writing and art and putting my extra 'free' time to good use with essays, editing, a craft project, and references.

Apr 2 - Finished Portal Page illustration for 'To Serve Unseen'
Apr 12 - Finished writing 'To Serve Unseen'
Apr 15 - Finished Hu-Harek comic #2
Apr 16 - Second apheresis donation of 2014
Apr 20 - Started writing 'You Find What You Look For'
Apr 29 - Finished illustration for 'You Find What You Look For'

As for May...it will probably feel short with a much-anticipated trip to see family coming up toward the end, and it will heat up at least somewhat on the work front due to a bunch of big FileNet P8 transitions taking place. I hope to finish my current short story and start on another, and also kick off activity on some summer projects--at least when I'm not working on my garden for my deck!


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