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Those Obstinate Pests!

I've had a text file kicking around for a while on my home pc with 'Story seeds that refuse to sprout.' My experience a few years back was that getting my What's Cooking... page posted on the internet really helped me with focusing (and remembering) stories I hoped to write, and getting them to develop a little quicker.

So now I'm getting these little pests posted as well. If I can view this list from both home and work, and make notes as I think of them, it may help with getting a few more pinned down as they drift through my mind. And it might even aid me with getting some of these items dislodged enough to move them over to "What's Cooking..." At least it can't do any harm!

Once again, if somebody who's read my novels and/or stories has something they're yearning to read about someday, chime in! Maybe it will land on this list, and maybe it will even get further than that...some decade...

In no Particular Order, the Pests

Housekeeper Giria comes to the Council of the Races. (Not on a tax year, and must take place between 315 and 336 AK, looking at 322, which would make her 73 years old. Shadow-Delarun and fall of Neston in her visions, and the first Thimron is still alive, so Dominion hasn't gotten that name yet.) Her interactions with Heruvael during this (not their prior meeting in Delarun in 288 AK) is why he invited her to his union... (All I still need is the story name and the biological 'quirk' upon which the plot hangs, which I haven't been able to come up with yet, sigh. More research needed.) Been working on this one in my head with a little research over the 4th of July holiday weekend...the tree I'm currently barking up involves the pineal gland, blood-brain barrier, and opoid peptides. Me and biochem don't get on too well, and I also need to consider matters of viability, beyond the chemical triggers... No luck, need more trees.
Added Nov 2017: Since I can't access LJ from work, I put more notes on Penzu now. This story finally got a tentative name back in May: 'The Seer's Gambit.'

When t'DoL learns he is an Emissary, must be something there! (1061 DH?) (t'DoL is being quite close-mouthed about this one. Violence, blackmail, or extortion may be called for...I wonder if I can get the Shado to help me...) Need to consider this in regards to the timing of 'What You Look For' (1055/1066 DH) and the gift dialogue (1060 DH).
So, the Shado didn't find anything in ransaking the Caverns or t'DoL's home, so I directed its attention to Hu-Harek's home, but that's the one really difficult place for it to get into unnoticed (aside from Hileko's home when he's there, of course). Heh. Of course the Shado isn't doing this for ME, but its own curiosity, so if it finds something, I do hope it shares... (I'll get back on my meds now ;)
I fear I shall have to go back to my original strategy of getting Hu-Harek to spill the beans on this one. Problem is, she refused years ago. Which means I have to wait until my writing about Triune gives me something I can use as blackmail or extortion... (probably not very safe)
Ah-ha! Had a revelation in January 2016 that part of the reason I've been 'stuck' is that I've viewed this as an independant event. Now I'm starting to feel that it is the last in a chain of tests/training Hu-Harek enacts to ensure that her future 'heir' is incorruptable... (However, writing the second Triune novel is bound to be the clincher for this story.)

If it ever coalesces, there's the tale of t'DoL's parents. I've given up trying to prod this one as it's been completely unyielding for so many years. Sigh.

The Black Prince's cubhood. I could write this, I'm just not sure I want to. Or why. Maybe later if I have motive with Renewer Rising, as they will meet eventually.

This story, "The Bestowal," has been 'demoted' from my 'What's cooking...' page, because over the first half of 2014 I realized that not only did finishing 'TFE' not open the way to write this story, as I'd hoped, but also that writing this story is dependant upon personal issues that might not occur for months or decades, and even if such a blessing did occur, this story might never be opened to the 'public.' I need it written because it leads to a whole string of other stories I hope to get down, but right now I also don't want the pressure of trying to make it readable or public-friendly.
The tale of the founding of the Vale of Remembrance has been something I've wanted to write about since the mid/late 90s, and I've long known it takes place in 43 AK. What I realized the evening of June 24, 2014, after a combination of writing in 'Fritillary,' listening to 'Winterspell' (that makes me visualize Eskaldaen), and recalling the related scene in 'TFE,' is that I've been too focused on the motive t'DoL mentions to Geren in book 4, and brainlessly forgetting the fact that t'DoL rarely does something from simply one motive, but more often two or three. Certainly I should expect such to be the case with something this big. So now I have motive #2, which helps me mentally tie another 'why' to the 'what.'

How the friendship between t'DoL and the Light-Lord clan started, since they have an indirect role in book 5, Delarun, and 'Resurrection,' and finally make an appearance in 'TFE'. At least this one has a name ('Light-Lord's Blessing'). But I need a date also...certainly after 80 AK. Looking at 129 AK right now. (But be VERY aware of the timeline for 'The Accursed.' I should probably hammer down that date range before I shoot myself in the foot with this story or the one above: now considering 92-123 AK (but he was born in 90 AK). 'Secrets' is in 126 AK. This takes precedence over everything else t'DoL does during that time range (save being Chief Judge and assisting with any Great Circuits Heruvael rides). This leaves a surprising gap between 'The Accursed' and Delarun which is making me twitchy sad and upset because of what it means. I didn't want to go there...poor t'DoL.) Pretty sure it's linked to the oh-so-obstinate 'Bestowal' (43 AK) and I can't write this until after that one behaves.

Those first months/year after the death of Heruvael (389-390 AK). Ancient and troublesome. Who on earth is that person in the desert? I'm not so sure anymore he's what he seems to be. Or are there two, and one is human and one is not? My conjecture that the Queen of Night was involved has been disproven (I think) by 'TFE.' Now I'm thinking this one might fall in after 'Bestowal' and 'Light-Lord's Blessing.' Definitely at least a novella.

The story of Hened becoming Master-historian (late autumn 398 AK) and/or Law-Master (? AK) But can I write this without massive Renewer Rising spoilers? POV for this is critical, and that's also holding me up. I got so excited I thought I had it...and then I checked the timeline. More stuck, need plan 'C.' This may will end up being backstory writing for Renewer Rising, and sit until then.
Sit boy, sit.

Stories/Novella from Adya and/or Hanih's and possibily Jonill's perspective(s) - middle book 4 and onward. I've wanted to do something from Adya's pov for a LONG time. This would be a big undertaking... Maybe I'll tackle Hanih separately.

I--ha, ha--had a revelation in January 2016 about the interactions between t'DoL and Hanih that now makes the whole Hanih thread a very challenging and dangerous story to attempt, due to the current cultural "sacred cows" it will challenge. I think I need to spend a few years screwing up my nerve, and thinking deeply. However, it shall be fun having another story where t'DoL is the antagonist.

Following this up, in February 2016 I had a much larger revelation...rather shocked that in 20 years it never occurred to me, but that was because I always stopped at the huge emotional barrier to -action- ...Yet of course t'DoL has at least imagined his way past it to the huge implication of possibility. Well, I finally got there myself, quite belated as usual. Blew my mind (potential tie-in to the Hu-Harek testing thread up above?). That is going to be one freaking heavy story, should I ever write it. Now it's June 2017, and I belatedly thought of a way for Hanih to raise the stakes (at least in her mind) by offering t'DoL a huge temptation...all because of her power and its implications.
Now that it's December 2017, I should add that I may be compelled to write this sooner rather than later...and I may also have a name for it. 'Hanih's Quest.' (Should it be Hanih or Anih and what does it indicate by which name I use? Everything about this story is perilous.) Anyway, this might get moved to 'What's Cooking...' fairly soon.

Added April 24, 2014 This one came back to mind, thanks to editing 'You Find What You Look For.' The story of young t'DoL and the farmer's daughter (who makes a brief appearance as a little girl in Hope's Passage). I've generally envisioned it as a ballad. One section for each season of her life, spring, summer, autumn, winter, when they meet again, as she ages and he matures. The kind of sappy/tragic stuff they'd absolutely love in Bivord...and Eastshield secedes to Bivord in 28 AK, though how long the subsequent war between Bivord & Glashowal lasts, I'm not sure. Complete!

Added May 25, 2014 This one and the one below may not have been obstinate long enough to truly count as 'pests,' but I want them here so I don't forget about them. This one was on my mind a bit last year, between my writing 'TFE' and also my ruminations over the as-yet-unwritten novel, 'The Accursed.' I started feeling guilty (yes, this should have happened years ago!) over how many stories and novels capitalize on the more horrific/traumatic events of t'DoL's life ('The Stalking,' 'Vigil,' 'Last Orphan,' Geren books 4 & 5, for example.) But what about the happiest events of his life? Whenever I ask myself that, my brain leaps straight over to 'Renewer Rising' (and those who have reached the end of book 5 can likely guess.) But coming up with other happy events that are not just the triumphant climax of some deed is not easy (such as 'Wildfire,' 'Great Wave,' or 'Nothing Gold.') Trying to find something that isn't completely plotless and might even have a bit of a story attached will be a challenge, but one I hope I can reach some day. July 9, 2014: I found one! 3 AK...but if it could possibly be made into a story, I don't know...

Added May 25, 2014 This one has been on my mind since 2013 as well, in thinking over 'TFE' as I reached the end, and because of rereading 'Tilnon' around that same time. Unless he's got a dark-mage in front of him, t'DoL nearly always chooses mercy. I say 'nearly always' because that is so, and yet I've never written about the 'nearly.' ('Horanu' doesn't really count in my mind.) So I want to find a story in which t'DoL (rightly or wrongly) does not choose mercy, because that is part of him too.

Added June 22, 2014 A story I heard about my kindergarten teacher while being treated to a wonderful birthday meal at Cracker Barrel made this one fly back into my mind. Going back to the late 90's, I've known there were three recorded times that t'DoL ever laughed after learning of the destruction of his race. Two of them are in 'Brann' and 'A Parent's Woe,' and to my unending chagrin, in the last 15 years I've managed to completely forget the third instance. But just because t'DoL doesn't laugh doesn't mean someone hasn't tried to get him to do so. That rather tragicomic shard has been with me nearly as long as my knowing there were three times and forgetting one of them. Will it ever become a proper story? I have no clue. (But I do know he's a Council mage, probably a teacher at the school, as that's the only way it would work, now I need a time period, likely to be pretty extensive.)

Added July 10, 2014 This came back to mind as a very long-standing fragment that also may or may not ever make it to story status. A boat full of dark-mages trying to get across the ocean and find t'DoL's home...except they wind up becalmed and need rescuing, ha ha ha. I suppose depending on where on the timeline this falls, would determine how many dark-mages are on the boat. Of course, there could also be multiple attempts! (This one might be better suited to comic than story...)

Added February 4, 2017 I'm surprised this long-standing fragment has managed to avoid getting pinned up here yet. But a fragment is what it is--a boy at the gate of his town asking the same question of every traveller. The beginning has always been the same, the what-happens-next and the boy's motives have varied wildly over the past two decades. Maybe something will come of it someday, or maybe it will be a story within another story so blurred by many retellings its own origin is forever lost.

Added February 19, 2017 I can't believe I remembered another one. Filling up my Brita canister and remembering the humor of picking up what one believes to be a full pitcher and have it go flying because it's actually empty--reminded me of a piece of humor with t'DoL and the Wolf-Lord (I believe) that has fallen out of my mind in the past few years. I don't know if t'DoL having a very bad morning at his home will ever make it into story form, but I at least want the little pest pinned down here. Gotcha!

Added June 25, 2017 This is a youngster, since it was inspired by writing 'Happy Birthday, Defender' in 2014. But I don't want to forget the silly fragments in my head of the mischief t'DoL and Heruvael get up to when their friend hits another century mark. Because escalation is pretty much a given. (This just came to me 3/9/18--when t'DoL turns 400, Heruvael can use the Masterstone behind his back--it's not available for prior century-birthdays.)

Added Nov 15, 2017 This is a 'pest' in a different way. On August 9 I had the first couple paragraphs of a story barge into my head, but nothing more. No plot, no known motive or goal, just the pov character making a black market purchase in Bimuth. In early November, I realized this story probably directly or indirectly explains the origin of Silvershore in Geren book 5 (so at least that's a clue for whereabouts on the timeline). But that is all I know. Annoying!

Added Mar 9, 2018 I had to add a few words when editing dialogue in 'Relentless' this February, because t'DoL is avarii, not human. And that made me realize that yes, t'DoL has abducted children from highly abusive homes. So there is likely to be another Delarun story coming out of this eventually, a darker one in a different way than 'The Courage of Tarlah.'

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