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Changing March - Joelle's misc
April 1st, 2014
05:41 am
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Changing March
Quite a month! The big implementation finally arrived, and all my hard work (and Chris's excellent work at testing) paid off with very few issues for me to track down afterward, though things have been eventful for other aspects of the project. It has been very nice to finally have a massive decrease in work volume, at least for a little bit. Very nice as well to finally have a decent summary list too. And temperatures above freezing, can't forget that!

Mar 15 - Finished edits for 'TFE'
Mar 16 - Finished writing 't'ACm 405'
Mar 19 - First apheresis donation of 2014
Mar 22 - Made Portal Page illustration for 't'ACm 405'
Mar 29 - Started writing 'To Serve Unseen'

As for April...it brings me to the third year anniversary of finishing the Geren books, already! I hope to keep whittling away at short stories, as I have eight I'd love to get written this year. Maybe work on some art and craft projects as time permits, and also start laying the groundwork for a few other projects that have been set aside for far too long. Time will tell!


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