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Dogged December - Joelle's misc
January 1st, 2014
08:05 am
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Dogged December
Despite the pathetic list below, and the inordinate number of hours spent at the job once I got back from California (I'll be working from home today as well), it was a good month in some ways. For one, I have been blessed in that I haven't gotten sick, despite how cold it's been and how hard I've been driving myself. I've also been greatly blessed with an abundance of imaginative energy, as 'TFE' work is winding down and taking up less of my creative focus. Short stories are percolating in my brain, I got an idea for a fun Hu-Harek comic while standing out in -9 degrees for 10+ minutes awaiting the bus, and things as disparate as the track 'Gift of Life' by Thomas Bergersen and the movie Desolation of Smaug have triggered small revelations in my story-world. It's been delicious.

Nov 23 - Dec 10 - California trip
Dec 15 - Finished 'On The Seashore' 2014 calendar project
Ded 23 - Eighth apheresis donation of 2013

Adding in my two whole blood donations brings my 2013 count to 10 total. Two shy of my hoped-for goal each year, but I'm pretty pleased considering the overall busyness and the setbacks.

As for January...really not sure. My busyness will be dependant upon how badly or slowly the BD testing goes, and how much script I have to rewrite because they 'forgot something' (I'm expecting a lot of this with this huge messy monstrosity of a project). My first focus will be 'TFE' edits, and I can't launch into any big art projects until I have the money to replace my fried pc memory cards. =( It's also looking set to be the coldest January in a VERY long time (a HIGH of -12 to -8 next Monday?!). Time will tell!


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