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Full November - Joelle's misc
December 1st, 2013
07:50 am
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Full November
Busy, crazy month. Getting in 60 hour workweeks, finishing writing 'TFE,' and wrapping up a huge art project all before heading off to visit family for Thanksgiving on the 23rd. Well, as least I managed two out of three, though life left me no time to celebrate t'DoL's birthday or much with 'TFE', and my pc didn't permit me to squeeze the art project under the wire.

Nov 3 - Finished chapter 19 of 'TFE'
Nov 13 - Seventh apheresis donation of 2013
Nov 17 - Finished chapter 20 of 'TFE'
Nov 18, Red-letter day - Finished 'The Fourth Emissary'!

My vacation so far has been great, if a little different than others because I've been spending a few hours on my work laptop most mornings trying to squeeze in some project configs. As for December, I'll be wrapping up my visit, reluctantly going back into the work madness, plugging away at 'TFE' edits, and hopefully wrapping up that art project as well. There certainly won't be much time to celebrate Christmas for me this year, and somehow I've also got to squeeze in seeing The Desolation of Smaug, at least once...


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