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Ungainly October - Joelle's misc
November 5th, 2013
10:07 am
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Ungainly October
Somewhat of a bumpy month. No supervisor, which has made things trickier at work, as well as the fact that a coworker I've known nearly 16 years left the company without warning. I kept getting held up waiting on others, which had the positive effect of having to not work much on the weekends, but the negative effect that I will pay for it. Still, very happy to have made as much 'TFE' progress as I have, as well as some good work on an art project, which I really needed for my 'sanity,' such as it is.

Oct 7 - Finished chapter 16 of 'TFE'
Oct 14 - Finished chapter 17 of 'TFE'
Oct 20 - Finished chapter 18 of 'TFE'

As for November--it will be interesting. Trying to ramp up my hours to 60/week, also trying to get 'TFE' finished (though the editing afterward will be quite time-consuming) and needing to get ready for my nice long trip to see family (for the first time since May 2012) over Thanksgiving. Can't forget trying to cram in some movies and an art festival that I really don't want to miss. Way too much! Very glad my vacation will give me a chance to recoup before I jump from the frying-pan and into the inferno that will be December and January.


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