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Swift September - Joelle's misc
October 1st, 2013
12:51 pm
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Swift September
What a month! First half I spent working my tail off between my job and getting ready for my mom's visit, then the second half was my mom's visit, with lots of fun, a trip to Chicago, eating out, movies, and lovely weather for nearly all of it. I've a feeling my cat Shado is going to miss her being gone.

Sept 8 - Finished chapter 15 of 'TFE'
Sept 11 - Second whole blood donation of 2013
Sept 18 - Oct 1: My mom's visit

Unfortunately for me, the last full day of my mom's visit (Sept 30) was also the last full day of Bill as my supervisor. Things are going to be stressful, crazy, and uncertain on the work front for a while, that's for certain. He takes a lot of energy, experience, and skill with him.

On the home front (when that happens) I'll be glad to have a somewhat slower pace. In October I plan to resume writing in 'TFE,' and also kick off one or two art projects, one of which got delayed a few months due to other projects. Also hoping to get out and enjoy the autumn, if time and weather permits...


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