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Jolting July - Joelle's misc
August 1st, 2013
05:53 am
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Jolting July
Like I expected, a fast and full month. The Washington trip was fabulous, and though I did't get much finished, I made a great start with 'TFE' editing and the biggest craft project for my guest room (as well as wrapping up a couple small ones). Work has also provided a change of pace with my focus being on testing a big KTM upgrade.

July 6-16 - Washington (State) trip
July 24 - Fourth apheresis donation of 2013

As for August, probably more of the same. The first half of the month will be crazy on the work front, but hopefully I will be able to make progress with wrapping up my big project and with 'TFE' editing, which will leave me open to resume writing, even before autumn. And that's because the huge blessing of having central air has nearly eliminated my seasonal depression symptoms this summer, as well as all the work I put into making my sleeping area as close to pitch black as possible. It has definitely paid off, thank God!


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