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Jarring June - Joelle's misc
July 2nd, 2013
12:01 pm
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Jarring June
Crazy month! Very eventful, very quick, and spent way too much time working (including over my 38th birthday). At least I succeeded with my work goals, finally got an art project done, and made some writing progress too. Also got out to three art fairs, two of which were fabulous.

June 9 - Finished illustration for 'On The Water'
June 12 - Second apheresis donation of 2013
June 13 - Finished Portal Page illustration for 'On The Water'
June 16 - Finished chapter 13 of 'TFE'
June 27 - Third apheresis donation of 2013

As for July, that's probably going to feel even quicker, due to my fast-approaching Washington (state) trip with my mom and her friend Cindy. Looking forward to getting to savor both mountains and ocean on this trip. It will be a different sort of month when I get back. There's a change of focus at work because of the big upgrade coming up, some projects related to my guest room at home, the next big art project to kick off, and a chance to learn how much having central air (and really good light-blocks) helps against my summer depression. Right now between the blessings of central air and my air mattress, I am in amazingly good shape for the top of July. So my other challenge be making myself NOT write in 'TFE' until I get some other things wrapped up or well underway...


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