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Moody May - Joelle's misc
June 1st, 2013
08:03 am
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Moody May
In multiple ways... For gardening, as this month was the third gloomiest in the last 50 years, and that with altogether too much rain has made it quite frustrating. On the bright side, I've made it to June without taking out the air mattress or even being very tempted, as there's been enough cool nights to help me cope, and I've been slowly working on my 'defenses' (ways to block the light) throughout the month. Despite how much I am coming to increasingly hate my job, this month was much better job-wise than I expected, so that I was able to do 3 writing sessions a week for most of it, which is a blessing. Hence a decent bit of progress on 'TFE', getting myself past 50k, and also getting my YTD writing totals out of the 'completely pathetic' bracket.

May 11 - Finished chapter 10 of 'TFE'
May 18 - Finished chapter 11 of 'TFE'
May 23 - Finished 'TFE' map 1
May 27 - Finished chapter 12 of 'TFE'

As for June...dreading it. After the first week, work is going to be extremely brutal until July, assuming I am capable of making the July 1 deadline. I have been loathing my position more and more, not so much because of June, but how much I am dreading August-January and the spectre of having another winter of my life destroyed by work. I'm not sure how much longer I will keep on with 'TFE' writing, since I'm already past where I'd planned to stop for the summer, and haven't gotten stuck yet. That probably depends upon the weather and work hours. Also, I really have to get myself into an art project before I lose the last thin strands of sanity, quit my job, move to Alaska, and get eaten by a grizzly.

But at least May was not as bad as I feared.


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