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Celebrating 20 years: Words, words, words - Joelle's misc
April 19th, 2013
01:16 pm
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Celebrating 20 years: Words, words, words
I am running late, though as today makes 20 years, 2 months, and 2 days, it's a fun day as well. I'd admit my celebration week hasn't quite gone as planned. First thing being the cold I started getting Tuesday evening, which has slowed me down a little. Then there's the weather. I thought I'd be able to get out for some long walks, but only Tuesday had decent weather--sunlight, and no gusty winds, rain, sleet, ice, or snow. This month is crazy--I took this picture out my window this morning, April 19. Just crazy!

Still, on Wednesday I put up a 'sneak peek' by posting the prologue to 'TFE' over at renewer_rising for those who'd like a little more of the two important characters in my book 5 epilogue.

And today I got up my second 20th anniversary essay. The first was on Geren and his books and chock-full of unavoidable spoilers. This one is about 20 years of blessings, and there are no book spoilers. Both can be accessed through my Beginnings page.

Speaking of words, this week at least has been fabulous for writing. Since Saturday I've made over 13,000 words of progress on 'TFE,' and hope to wrap up section 2 shortly. I also finally got myself into Poser and Vue for the first time this year and made myself a commemorative computer wallpaper to celebrate 20 years.

I'll wrap this up by sharing my gratitude for some awesome websites that have made writing 'TFE' and/or book 5 possible.

The wonderful moon calendar made by Paul Carlisle has been invaluable for setting up the calendar used by the hyarmi and humans in all my recent novels and novellas. Simply fantastic.

Here is a very handy sunrise/sunset calculator which can be used for any location. It was invaluable when I had to deal with short winter days and travel distance calculations for book 5.

NASA's Five Millenium Catalog of Lunar Eclipses (and yes, they have one for solar eclipses too) has been beyond invaluable. Both with the timing of eclipses in my Geren books, and where they fall, but especially with the lunar eclipses in TFE, where they play a big part in plot and timing. It will be very helpful if/when I get to write the Triune novels as well.

Finally, in case anyone else has a character as crazy as t'DoL who wants to get to the moon, this calculator for lunar perigee and apogee is quite valuable.

Can't mention all these wonderful resources without mentioning an awesome God who saves my writerly ass when I don't deserve it! I'd picked out the year for the events of 'TFE' over 15 years ago (by late 1994, to be exact). I didn't have the internet with these resources available, and I could easily have written myself into a rather ugly corner. I don't remember when, but I synced the calendar of my world's timeline to the 'real world' layout of lunar and solar events many years ago (before 2000). 1990 AD = 437 AK and that is how they are tied for all astronomical events. (I really should have posted about the times my rear was saved with my Geren books as well.)

So what a blessing to have a complete lunar eclipse take place shortly after the Shado gets to t'DoL's world (all I had to tweak is the location of its arrival, which actually makes more sense, now). Even more awesome that t'DoL's final failed physical attempt to reach the moon/Sister took place on a perigee that was the closest for (at least) two years. I was afraid I'd be 'trapped' by my timeline in trying to explain why he'd try to get to the Sister when it's not at a decent perigee. Oh, how I LOVE Providence!! =D

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