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Muddling March - Joelle's misc
April 1st, 2013
05:58 am
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Muddling March
Somewhat aggravating month, due to the big implementation being delayed to the 26th, though that proved a good thing, it just dragged out the work busyness even longer. At least I was able to have two weekends with no work, and one workweek that was as low as 50 hours. Still a pathetic summary list, since most 'extra' time went toward recuperating and catch-up.

Mar 18 - First apheresis donation of 2013
Mar 31 - Finished chapter 3 of 'TFE'

As for April...I am really looking forward to my week off the week of the 15th. It will be my first break since New Year's, and I'm anticipating more 20th anniversary celebrating and tons of stuff to do around my place, hopefully some relaxation in there as well! The work focus will shift too, with other projects, but unfortunately things are due to stay insanely crazy at least through mid-May.

Having fun planning my new garden on my deck at my new place. Hurrah for spring!


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