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Horrible January - Joelle's misc
February 1st, 2013
05:49 am
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Horrible January
What an awful month! Probably the worst I've had since the tail-end of the hell year. Ongoing financial misery only compounded by the rise in taxes, lots of physical misery brought on by my back getting thrown out on the 28th of December, and workweeks of 59-60 hours each week after the first week. In fact, the whole month feels like an eternal night in my memory, since working 6 days a week means I only see daylight on Sunday, or the rare time I get away from my desk. No art progress whatsoever, and a pathetic dribble of writing progress, only on Sundays. Quite down about all that, but what was more crushing was the realization that my [insert random cuss-words here] job will prevent me from really celebrating my 20th anniversary, which I've been keenly anticipating for 5 years. I'll have to defer most of it until April. As if all that wasn't enough, I put my older cat Arun to sleep on the evening of the 25th after he began failing drastically, and am living in nervous dread of how my remaining cat Shado will take it.

Of course my list is pathetic:

Jan 17 - First whole blood donation of 2013
Jan 20 - Finished chapter 1 of 'TFE'

As for February--it is hardly likely to be much better. 60-hour 6-day workweeks won't cut it anymore, that's for certain. There's far too much with the last frantic cramming of insane amounts to do before that crazy March 1 implementation day deadline. At least my back is largely healed; I just have to be careful not to push it too far. And hopefully things will finally start to head in a good direction financially as well, though it won't be until the tail-end of the month...

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