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Nutty November - Joelle's misc
December 1st, 2012
08:26 am
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Nutty November
Goodness, here I thought September went by fast, and then I had a vacation as an excuse! This month was insane--it all seemed to disappear before I turned around twice, and as I expected, most of it was spent working. But at least I managed to accomplish a few things amidst the meaningless job madness.

Nov 5 - Finished writing 'The Black Prince Apologia'
Nov 6 - Sixth apheresis donation of 2012
Nov 10 - Made Portal Page illustration for 'Apologia'
Nov 20 - Seventh apheresis donation of 2012
Nov 27 - Finished Winged Bookends craft painting project
Nov 30 - Finished 'Winter Mountains' header, sidebar, and Twitter background images

As for December, I expect it will be more of the same: no time, no money, my job devouring my existence, and hopefully managing to make a little progress with art and writing in the chinks and crevices. BUT I already set my highest-ever apheresis total for a year, and I'm hoping I can get it a little higher yet before 2012 is ended...

Current Mood: rushedrushed

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