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Crazy August - Joelle's misc
September 1st, 2012
10:21 am
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Crazy August
What a month! Unsurprisingly, not much for the list again this time around. Just plain too busy getting ready to move, and then moving (at home AND work) with a training trip for my new job smack in the middle of it. It was a wonderful to have such a cool first half of August, however. Got out for some lovely walks on the weekends, which of course left less time for other things.

Aug 4 - Finished 'Into the Light' image for custom check
Aug 5 - Finished 'Into the Sunset' gratuitous eye-candy wallpaper
Aug 19-24 - Off to Orange County CA, for Kofax KTM training
Aug 28 - Moving Day!

As for September, more craziness on tap. I'll be settling in at my new place, going through lots of transitions with my job, and have a lovely escape to Virginia for a family reunion in the middle of the month. I'm trying not to think about how long it will be before I can even think about getting back to 'Delarun'...

Current Mood: drainedbeat

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