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Jammed June - Joelle's misc
July 1st, 2012
07:44 am
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Jammed June
Not that you'd know it from the pathetic 'list' below! But June was jammed all through--lots of packing to move and researching potential places to move to, as well as tons of studying and also a fair bit of editing, though most of that was for someone else's novel, and not my own work. None of the big decisions hanging over me this month have been resolved yet, which means the whole mess just carries over into July.

Jun 3 - Finished chapter 7 of 'Delarun' section 2

As for July...survival is the first order of business. They just raised the forecast for the next week of the heat wave to mid-upper 90s (35-36 C) rather than low 90s. I'd rather spend July 4th at work with weather like that!

Thankfully my 56 days of waiting after a blood donation will end early in July, so hopefully I can get some more platelet donations made. And hopefully by the end of the month, I'll know where I'm moving, and what my future holds at work, and have some time for editing in 'Delarun' and Geren book 1. That's assuming my brains haven't boiled out by August 1st!


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