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Just having fun... - Joelle's misc
June 25th, 2012
08:33 am
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Just having fun...
My job wouldn't let me take my birthday off, so I took today off instead. Got this meme from kcscribbler.

1. Go to page 77 of your current ms
2. Go to line 7 (I'm doing paragraph 7)
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.

Thanks to the fun with 7's, I figured I'd do this for each of my 7 novels: complete and in-progress.

Hope's Passage

     The fledgling was silent for some moments, and his brow creased in a tiny frown. “Why humans hunting me?”
     “Don’t ask why of humans,” Heruvael growled. “I don’t know! You can go outside in the hyarmi form, and I certainly can’t make you stay inside. But whatever you do, please don’t let them see you in your own form.”
     The ava nodded. “I being much careful, Henu-son.”

Geren book 1: Hu-Hua's Cry

     He handed the sandwich to Rags, who had sauntered over. The dog took it gravely, and Geren ran his hands along the animal’s sides. The wounds inflicted by Savage were already clotted over and seemed shallow. A relieved sigh escaped him. “Take care of yourself, old fellow, you got that?”
     He watched with a smile as Rags moved off, sandwich still clenched in his jaws. The puppy gamboled after him.

Geren book 2: The Abdication of Harai

     “Then how come you can use it? You don’t seem to have any power.”
     “I have power.” The hu-hyarmi hesitated a moment, gaze appraising. “It is so little that no mage can sense it. Which is precisely how it was meant to be. The power I have was given to me by The Defender.

Geren book 3: The Shado of Sorrow

     “I brought your clothes and packs here. You'd best get those wretched things off and get into something warmer. I borrowed a cauldron from one of the innkeepers—had to pay, of course. There's hot soup for you. So hurry up. Sit down and get off your feet.”
     Geren pulled on his trousers first, too embarrassed to strip in front of Adya.

Geren book 4: The Subverted War

     Geren only slept a few hours before rising to prowl around the Master-stone, where the image was fixed on the mage's bedchamber. He was impatient to see The Defender again, to learn what would happen when the mage went down to visit his captive. The man slept until after dawn, then jerked awake, appearing alarmed at the realization that his defenses had collapsed. To Geren's relief, Hu-Hov returned before the weary-looking mage left the room. She briefly redirected the image to reveal that the tower was shielded again.
     With bated breath, Geren watched the man enter the chamber where his captive was held. The ava opened his eyes at his approach, and stared with the same malice he had earlier directed at Geren.

Geren book 5: Emissary's Sacrifice

     He swallowed, held up his purchase. Emotion flickered across Fulmar's face, too subtle and swift for him to decipher.
     More laughter from the seller. “I hope you like your slaves with spirit, sir.”
     Fulmar gave him an empty smile. “I do indeed, and this one does not disappoint. Come, Geren.”

The Chronicles of Delarun

As this is my current WIP, and I'm writing section 2, while sections 1 and 3-5 are already complete, page 77 will be shifting in the future. But here's where it falls right now:

It was the Master who found him, hours later, picking his way amidst thick, waist-height bracken to the base of the tree where Tarlin had taken refuge. He thought he had already cried himself hoarse and tearless, but the sight of the bloodstained bandages wrapped around the mage’s upper left arm and chest started his tears anew.
“I-I’m so, so sorry,” he said, his voice a whimper.
The Master looked up at him, and Tarlin saw that the mage-light, just a little, was in his eyes again. “I am sorry too, Tarlin.” He did not ask the boy to come down, but seated himself at the base of the tree, then gazed toward the building on the far side of the stream.
“What h-happened to them?” Tarlin asked, after a minute had passed and the Master made no move to speak.

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