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Frustrating February - Joelle's misc
March 1st, 2012
06:22 am
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Frustrating February
As the pathetic list below reveals, this month simply stunk. After 4.5 months of my job beating the tar out of me, and with no extra days off since New Year's Day, I'm worn out to the point where I can pretty much only manage writing on Sundays. At least I can do art on a few more days each week, but my projects of late have involved rebuilding Poser figures that got partially destroyed by the big crash in June 2010, so everything is maddeningly slow. 'Maddening' definitely sums up the mood!

Feb 16 - Finished Copper & Changer comic
Feb 17 - 19th Anniversary day!

As for March, I expect more of the same. Hopefully the job will start lightening up, finally. I'll just keep working away at writing 'Last Orphan' and my 'Encounters' illustration. Spring is coming, way too fast.


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