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Dubious December - Joelle's misc
January 5th, 2012
07:44 pm
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Dubious December
Not much of a December for the accomplishments list, that's for sure. Not much of a December for anything else, either! Second hottest day-after-Christmas on record, horrid brown Christmas, horrid hot month, horrid drought in the making since August...I could go on.

Dec 3 - Made quote magnet gift project
Dec 17 - Finished 'Safe,' 2012 calendar image
Dec 22 - Fifth apheresis donation of 2011
Dec 26 - Started writing 'Encounters'

But it is over. New year, new month, 'clean slate.' For January, I hope to finish 'Encounters,' even though writing it has been very slow. I've also changed my strategy on 'Delarun' since it's been giving me so much trouble. Now I'm planning to write the linking portions and the epilogue next, then hop off and write the Delarun sidestory 'The Last Orphan,' since it has been hollering and clamoring and otherwise being a nuisance in my head (because of its huge book 4 connections). That's the plan, anyway! If 'Delarun' section 2 decides to behave before that, it will certainly get my attention.


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