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Nutty November - Joelle's misc
December 1st, 2011
06:09 am
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Nutty November
'Nutty' is definitely the word for last month. My job is driving me nutty, I didn't get any writing done, burned the candle at both ends for three weeks with my movie-poem project...and had loads of fun sharing the fresh walnuts I bought from California with coworkers and others. So not the greatest list for the month, but at least not any worse!

Nov 14 - Fourth apheresis donation of 2011
Nov 20 - Finished 'Twilight Rising' movie-poem
Nov 22 - Finished wallpaper version of last movie-poem image
Nov 25 - Finished 'Wind' avatar
Nov 29 - Finished winter sidebar image for shouts_of_joy

As for December...I have no idea. I don't know when I'll regain the ability to write, or what direction I'll be heading in when that happens, but until then, there's no end of art projects to work on, and Christmastime to savor as well. And shopping and feasting, can't forget that! =)

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