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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, t'DoL! - Joelle's misc
November 20th, 2011
07:47 pm
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The long-awaited, long-anticipated day is here again (and nearly spent)! I had to go all out for this year's birthday celebration, in part because it's a special year for me. The year of finishing my Geren books, and the 18th anniversary year, meaning that t'DoL has now blessed my life for over half its duration.

But timing being the fun thing it is, my gratitude is also running high for another reason. Well, my gratitude for t'DoL is always running high, but of late it's been more like a spring tide. That's due to the women's group at my church I've been part of this autumn, going through the book The Creative Call.

Because I keep running across exercises like the ones below...

From chapter 3, exercise 2
What key events or periods of your life influenced how you either developed or hid your talent?

From chapter 4, exercise 4
(true or false, explain)
1. When I was a child, I had a specific dream of what I wanted to become when I grew up.
5. To some extent, I pursued my youthful vision into adulthood.

From chapter 5, exercise 2
In your daybook write for ten minutes without pausing. List everything that inspires you, that breathes life into you, that kindles the creative fires. Choose one or two and describe these special inspirational sources in detail. What makes them so powerful to you?

Thanks to t'DoL, I developed a writing talent I'd only used before to get away with handing in first drafts of papers rather than doing much revising. It would be languishing largely unused still, were it not for him.

Yes, I had a specific dream of my future life as a child, and leaving aside the house in the forest/mountains I haven't gotten yet, when it comes to my creative dreams, thanks to t'DoL, the reality has actually transcended what I hoped for in my teen years. I am so blessed.

I had a lot of fun with that last exercise--those 10 minutes just flew by while I blathered about sunsets, mountains, seashores, art, Pixar. I never even got to my greatest inspiration--t'DoL himself. I can't bring myself to spend hours at tedious editing, find/replace checks, or fighting with obdurate software until I want to tear out my hair for a sunset or a shoreline...but my passion for t'DoL keeps me going, year after year.

He's bound to be mortified and hiding under the proverbial furniture by now ;) so I'll change gears and give you all something laughable. My birthday gift!

Ugh, it was a mess from the start. I really should have given myself a month to do it, not just three weeks of hammering away at it every spare minute. Had to leave out the fourth verse of the poem completely, and made loads and loads of blunders. Quite amusing and humbling, in a way, after making 'Never Alone' and 'Wildfire,' pictures that I'm pretty proud of, to be back to kindergarden level with a different sort of medium that provides lots of room for novice mistakes. And I just plain ran out of time to fix the really glitchy bits at the end, which was quite frustrating.

It's just another piece of novice art for t'DoL to keep in his mountain or put on a shelf in Delarun, I guess! ;)

So here goes...

Twilight Rising from Adaneth on Vimeo.

(full-sized version viewable at Vimeo)



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Date:November 21st, 2011 02:22 am (UTC)
Happy Birthday to t'Dotel. Eighteen year already; that is amazing.

The video is wonderful and beautifully done. I can see why it took you
so long to get it done.
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Date:November 21st, 2011 12:02 pm (UTC)
Time really flies, that's for sure! Can't wait for 20! =D

Thanks for the kind words, because I'm just seeing all the things I messed up on! I'm glad to have it done and get a REST.
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