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Joelle's misc
July 1st, 2011
06:04 am
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Jumping June
This month sure 'jumped' right past me, and as I expected, I didn't get much done. Don't regret it, as I had such an utterly fabulous vacation.

June 2 - First apheresis donation of 2011 (finally!)
June 5 - Finished writing 'The Restoration of Tarek'
June 9 - Finished book 5 edits, ordered paper copies
June 11 - Made Portal Page illustration for 'Tarek'
June 16-26 - California trip
June 27 - Made 'Munching Marmot' avatar
June 30 - Finished 'Oops' avatar

As for July, just want to get going with editing 'Tarek,' keep working on my book 5 celebration picture and some other art projects, and start getting ready for my mother's visit in August. And hopefully my last, biggest book 5 reward will finally be completed. Oh yes--and survive the horrid summer heat, of course. So glad the nights are getting longer now!

Current Mood: hot82 F/28 C for a LOW

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