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Trip photos

From June 17-23, me, my mom, and her friend Cindy went on a trip to King's Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite National parks. It was a fabulous time...perhaps a few degrees cooler would have been nice, and we'd have been better off avoiding highway 245--also known as 'vomit road' by the locals. But everything else was wonderful: the clear skies and vivid stars, getting to share driving with Cindy instead of having to do it all, the lodging, nearly all the restaurants we tried out, the overall travel conditions, and much, much more:

The fantastic sequoias

The wild rivers

The amazing vistas

The tremendous waterfalls

The wonderful wildlife

God blessed us with such a fantastic time! I never expected to encounter black bear so close, not to mention getting to see a mother with two cubs the following day! We booked reservations a year ago, having no idea what an incredibly snowy winter and late spring it would prove, driving spring-fueled rivers and waterfalls to record levels of power and splendor. I wish there was a way I could show the flying spray and icy wind they generated with their sheer power--photos were very difficult without getting self and camera drenched!

Just a fabulous blessing as well to spend my 36th birthday in the middle of such splendor. Thank you, God! For the curious, more photos are viewable here.
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