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Book 5 rewards, post 2 - Joelle's misc
April 28th, 2011
05:37 pm
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Book 5 rewards, post 2
Okay, this is a small one, but still special for me. There have been some times in the past where I've wandered around eBay and Etsy looking for something that would remind me of an avarii wing-spur. But they were either too short or too long, too thin or too thick, too straight or too curved...too cheap/fragile or too expensive!

So imagine my delight when putzing around Etsy during my week off to finish book 5, when I stumbled across something completely perfect! Right length, right curvature, right thickness, only difference being it's a warthog's tusk rather than an actual claw. The little wrinkle was that it was being sold as a lot, and I didn't want to pay to also get the bigger scrimshaw tusk I didn't want or need. So I PMed the seller on Etsy to see if he'd be willing to split them up, and he didn't answer, and he didn't answer, and he didn't answer...then I found something else that was cheaper and not as perfect, but I was afraid of someone buying that while I was waiting on a reply from the first seller. Figured I'd give him a week.

As it turned out, right on the week-mark, a week after finishing book 5, I heard back from him. Yay! Then we did some back and forth about shipping, etc, and he got it mailed out on Monday. So Wednesday, after getting beat up by the dentist with my new crown being put in, was when I received it.

Here's a shot of me holding it to get a feel for size. I love it! Though it is not t'DoL's wing-spur because he fuses his with steel at the ends...but it could represent a wonderful event at the end of book 5, chapter 19. And it definitely reminds me of avarii!

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