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Love Languages fun - Joelle's misc
April 17th, 2011
01:00 pm
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Love Languages fun
Okay, a little lighthearted fun. The Character Therapist recently posted on her blog about the five love languages. I've read the book a few times, and love it, but she had a nifty chart linked that I couldn't resist playing with.

For this chart, I only did human characters. Oh yes, and myself! I'm weird with the love languages, because for expressing love, I primarily give gifts, but for receiving it, words of affirmation mean the most, particularly written words, as I forget most spoken ones very quickly!

The reason I didn't include hyarmi and avarii and the Shado's race here is that they work differently. Hyarmi generally have a few they give/receive, maybe just one or two that leave them cold. As for avarii, they have a 'universal' love language in 'acts of service.' As they're such an extremely independent race, all avarii recognize that particular love language, though how much they use the others varies by individual. As for the Shado's race, heh...well, if one member spends a decent amount of time with another that's not for mating purposes, and doesn't try to kill and eat the other, then that means they must be 'all right.'

The characters I have color-coded by novels. So the characters for the five Geren books are in blue. The protagonists in 'Delarun' are in green, while the one human protagonist I know about for the Triune novels is in red. The purple letters are codes for the as-yet-unnamed human protagonists in the Geren sequels, 'Renewer Rising.'

But there's one very important human protagonist who is missing. That is trapper Arun from Hope's Passage. That man has been driving me insane(r)! I can't figure out his primary love language, because he's so perpetually lonely and isolated out there in the Glaswalian bush that any love language that means he's not alone lights him up--so basically all of them save 'acts of service' since those could be done apart from him. Maybe that's an excuse to write another story with him someday, just to figure that out... ;)

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