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29 Days of Writing: Day 25 - Joelle's misc
February 3rd, 2011
10:00 am
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29 Days of Writing: Day 25

25. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them.

A question like that, first thing I think of is Geren and Star (above). Geren 'adopts' a few stray dogs in my first Geren book, and Star's the one he's closest with (and doesn't get sadistically killed off by me, unlike Scruffy, Chief, Shabby, Queenie...see yesterday's question ;). Star is a puppy when Geren adopts him in Princeton, eager to learn all sorts of amusing tricks for attention and food, and completely devoted to Geren, for multiple reasons.

Besides him, I really don't have any characters with 'pets' in that sense of the word. However, hyarmi and the native forest-cats have a sort of mutualistic relationship, though the cat is not dependent on the hyarmi, and the hyarmi would not consider the cat 'property.' This shows up at times in my writing, as Hileko has cats (successively) that are all named Arun. Heruvael always had a male forest-cat living in his home as well, but names vary. Whitethroat is the cat that's around during Hope's Passage, and another one makes a nameless appearance centuries later in 'Vigil.' Beyond that, there's the tragedy of the forest-cat Dapple and the hyarmi-cub Hovenn's fondness for her which triggers the chain of events in the story 'Wildfire.'

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